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Alpha Mu State Standing Rules and Bylaws 2017    


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The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International promotes professional and personal growth of women educators and excellence in education.

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Leading Women Educators Impacting Education Worldwide.

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The members of Alpha Mu State of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International promote quality education and the professional development of Montana women educators.

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To unite women educators of the world in a genuine spiritual fellowship To honor women who have given or who evidence a potential for distinctive service in any field of education To advance the professional interest and position of women in education
To initiate, endorse and support desirable legislation or other suitable endeavors in the interests of education and of women educators To endow scholarships to aid outstanding women educators in pursuing graduate study and to grant fellowships to non-member women educators To stimulate the personal and professional growth of members and to encourage their participation in appropriate programs of action
To inform the members of current economic, social, political and educational issues so that they may participate effectively in a world society
Members of Beta Rho Chapter, Illinois, created these banners depicting the Society's Purposes for the 1993 Northeast Regional Conference.

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Hover mouse over DKG rose for chapter name, area represented and date chartered.
Alpha - Helena - encompasses Lewis and Clark County.  Chartered April 13, 1940 Beta - Butte - encompasses Jefferson, Silver Bow, Madison and Beaverhead. Chartered April 13, 1940 Gamma - Billings - encompasses Golden Valley, Mussellshell, Carbon, Yellowstone, Stillwater and Big Horn counties. Chartered April 15, 1940 Delta - Great Falls - encompasses Cascade County. Chartered April 16, 1940 Zeta - Lewistown - encompasses Fergus, Petroleum, Judith Basin and Wheatland counties. Chartered November 8, 1941 Theta - Glendive, Sidney, Fairview, Culbertson, Lambert - encompasses Dawson, Richland, Wibaux, Fallon, Carter and McCone counties. Chartered April 7, 1945 Iota - Chinook, Harlem, Hays, Lodgepole, Havre, Turner, Zurich - encompasses Blaine County.  Chartered February 16, 1946 Kappa - Glasgow, Fort Peck - encompasses most of Valley County. Chartered December 6, 1947 Lambda - Kalispell, Whitefish - encompasses Flathead County.  Chartered April 4, 1948 Mu - Bozeman - encompasses Gallatin County. Chartered October 29, 1948 Omicron - Anaconda - encompasses Powell, Granite and Deer Lodge counties.  Chartered May 23, 1954 Rho - Browning, Conrad, Cut Bank, Shelby, Sunburst, Valier - encompasses Glacier, Toole and Pondera counties.  Chartered January 26, 1957 Sigma Nu - Great Falls - encompasses Cascade County.  Chartered January 25, 1958 Upsilon - Polson - encompasses Sanders and Lake counties. Chartered May 14, 1960 Phi - Missoula - encompasses Ravalli County. Chartered March 4, 1961 Omega - Fort Benton, Cascade, Great Falls - encompasses Cascade and Chouteau counties. Chartered September 15, 1962 Alpha Alpha - Billings - encompasses Golden Valley, Mussellshell, Carbon, Yellowstone, Stillwater and Big Horn counties. Chartered April 21, 1963 Alpha Gamma - Choteau, Dutton - encompasses Teton County. Chartered May 23, 1970 Alpha Zeta - Malta, Hinsdale - encompasses Phillips County. Chartered May 3, 1980 Alpha Mu - Red Lodge, Bridger, Columbus - encompasses Carbon County. Chartered June 10, 1990 Alpha Lambda - Big Timber - encompasses Sweet Grass County. Chartered November 22, 1986

Dissolved Chapters:

Epsilon - encompassed Liberty and Hill counties. Chartered November 14, 1941. Dissolved 2005.
Eta - encompassed Mineral County. Chartered May 6, 1944. Dissolved 2008
Nu - Miles City - encompassed Powder River, Custer, Prairie and Garfield counties. Chartered on April 9, 1950. Dissolved 2012
Xi - Billings - encompassed Golden Valley, Mussellshell, Carbon, Yellowstone, Stillwater and Big Horn counties. Chartered on April 11, 1954. Dissolved 2005
Pi - Livingston - encompassed Meagher, Sweetgrass and Park counties. Chartered May 5, 1956. Dissolved 2005
Tau - Laurel, Billings - encompasses Golden Valley, Mussellshell, Carbon, Yellowstone, Stillwater and Big Horn counties. Chartered February 29, 1959. Dissolved 2016
Chi - Plentywood, encompassed Daniels and Sheridan counties. Chartered April 22, 1961. Dissolved 2005
Psi - Forsyth - encompassed Rosebud and Treasure counties. Chartered February 24, 1962. Dissolved 2002
Alpha Beta - Superior - encompassed Mineral County. Chartered September 25, 1965. Dissolved 2005
Alpha Delta - Bozeman - encompassed Gallatin County. Chartered April 24, 1971. Dissolved 1986
Alpha Epsilon - Townsend - encompassed Broadwater County. Chartered April 10, 1980. Dissolved 2007
Alpha Eta - Wolf Point, Brockton - encompasses Roosevelt County. Chartered May 3, 1980. Dissolved 2016
Alpha Theta - Libby - encompassed Lincoln County. Chartered May 17, 1980. Dissolved 2004
Alpha Iota - Hamilton - encompassed Ravalli County. Chartered May 13, 1982. Dissolved 2013
Alpha Kappa - Thompson Falls - encompassed Sanders County. Chartered May 12, 1986. Dissolved 2007
Alpha Nu - Colstrip - encompassed Rosebud County. Chartered October 25, 1992. Dissolved 2007

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Alpha Mu State Chapter Presidents

AlphaCathy Stone
BetaLinda Skinner
GammaJuli Dufresne
DeltaGenelle Hocevar
ZetaMary Jo Hamling
ThetaLinda Clark
IotaGayle Pollington
KappaMarcia Pehlke
LambdaBarbara Mansfield
MuLloydAnn McMahan
OmicronAudrey Collins
RhoKimberly Hueske
Sigma NuJan Nerem
UpsilonLori McCurdy
PhiTerry Klein
OmegaMary Meissner
Alpha AlphaAndrea Prevost
GammaRochelle Kimmerle
Alpha ZetaDoris Tollefson
Alpha LambdaLinda Johnson
Jane Lowry
Alpha MuStacy Pospisil

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Dr. Blanton came to Montana on April 13, 1940 to organize Montana as the thirty-sixth state in Delta Kappa Gamma. Alpha Mu State was organized at the Finlen Hotel in Butte, MT. Following a one o'clock luncheon, members were initiated, dues were collected, officers were elected and installed for Alpha Mu State. Alpha and Beta Chapters were chartered at that time. Plans were made to organize four chapters in the state. An attendance of 54 was reported.Dr. Blanton collected the dues and initiation fees until she became loaded down with cash, much of it in silver dollars. As the group met later in her room, Dr. Blanton emptied her pockets and purse, scooped up the piles of bills from her bed, and said, "This money is all mixed up. I don't know what to do with it. Here, Bess, you be the treasurer and straighten it out." Dr. Blanton dumped the money in Bess' lap. (Bess Stone served as the state treasurer from 1940 to 1946.) Dr. Blanton went to Billings next and installed Gamma Chapter on April 15 before going to Great Falls to install Delta Chapter on April 16. She then went to Idaho to organize Alpha Nu State at Pocatello on April 18, 1940. Information taken from Fifty Years in Montana Ethel T. Picton State Editor 1966-1990.

Alpha Mu State Founders

Mildred Beaudoin
Minnie P. Elliot
Marion Bainbridge Elmslie
Zella Flores
Thelma Fay Fouts
Alice Laustad
Huldah Laustad
Agnes McDonald
Helen O'Dea
Dr. Catherine Nutterville
Edna Tobias Reeser
Margaret Reese
Margaret Skinner
Estelle Ryan
Lois Toumbley
Bess Vera Stone

Organized April 13, 1940
Finlen Hotel, Butte
Dr. Annie Webb Blanton, Organizer

Chapter indicated is during their term as President
1943 Dr. Catherine Nutterville (Deceased) Beta
1945 Lucy Kreiman (Deceased) Alpha
1947 Alice Lustad (Deceased) Gamma
1949 Helen O'Dea (Deceased) Zeta
1951 Zella K. Flores (Deceased) Zeta
1953 Virginia Speck (Deceased) Eta
1955 Catherine M. Rathman (Deceased) Delta
1957 Lulu Barnard (Deceased) Lambda
1959 Helen Adams (Deceased) Beta
1961 Thelma Bernston (Deceased) Theta
1963 Elsie Browning (Deceased) Delta
1965 Helen Small (Deceased) Beta
1967 Lucetta F. Hope (Deceased) Xi
1969 Mary Kron (Deceased) Kappa
1971 Alice Klimas (Deceased) Omega
1973 Janice Nerem Sigma
1975 Arlene McKee (Deceased) Lambda
1977 Alberta Klocker (Deceased) Alpha
1979 Gertrude Olson (Deceased) Delta
1981 Letitia Johnson (Deceased) Eta
1983 Kathleen Tubman (Deceased) Xi
1985 Dr. Marolane Stevenson Phi
1987 Pauline Oldenburg Eta
1989 Joyce Fiechtner (Deceased) Tau
1991 Sally Macmillan Delta
1993 Betty-Jean Olson Chi
1995 Sharon Britton Omega
1997 Doris Nicholson-Whitley Alpha Zeta
1999 Carolyn O'Mara Alpha Gamma
2001 Virginia Mart Tau
2003 Rita Fish Mu
2005 Charmaine Mansheim Alpha Alpha
2007 Maureen Watt Omicron
2009 Lloyd-Ann McMahan Mu
2011 Mary Meissner Omega
2013 Joan Micheletti Tau
2015 Mary Vaira Alpha Alpha

Colleen Allison Judy Martz *Dorothy Caton *Margaret Warden
Norma Ashby Theresa Raciot *Dorothy Floerchinger *Mildred Scheem Walker
* Dr. Betty Gilson Joan Schmidt *Harriet Meloy * Deceased

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February 1, 2017 - Wednesday
     Scholarship applications due to Linda Clark, Chairman

March 1, 2017 - Wednesday
     Deadline for State Treasurer position application

March 1, 2017 - Wednesday
     Deadline for Champion of Education application

April 15, 2017 - Saturday
     Committee reports for Convention due to State President

June 9-11, 2017 - Friday through Sunday
     Alpha Mu State Convention
     Grouse Mountain Lodge, Whitefish, MT

June 28-July 1, 2017 - Wednesday through Saturday
     NW Regional Conference
     Spearfish, South Dakota

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